Handheld- Bubbler- Bong

Handheld- Bubbler- Bong


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This spectacular glass bubbler pipe is the perfect addition to you or your friend’s smoking collection! Why a bubbler? Bubblers are around the size of a pipe, but they have a similar function to bongs!

Created with a carb hole, your hits are sure to be easy to control! This 6 inch premium bubbler is perfect to travel with, easy to bring to all of your smoking sessions! This bubbler fits easily in your hand to prevent accidental dropping.

Being semi-clear it’s easy to know when it needs a good clean and when it’s sparkling like brand-new.

Available in rad rasta, blue and orange swirls, and basic blue swirls! This bubbler makes the perfect gift for any smoker who loves trippy designs.

Is 6 inches too big for your liking? Check out our gorgeous selection of bubblers in smaller sizes! Our premium bubblers are available in 4 and 5 inches!

Maybe you’re a fan of the size but not the design? Check out our 6-inch glass cheetah bubblers!

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